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In Harmony Home Products Eco Friendly Sustainable Reusable Home Products Be The Change We all hold the future of the earth in our hands. What will you do with it?

In Harmony Home Products - GOING OUT OF BUSINESS

Please Give Sustainable Gifts!

Each day, we all have opportunities to make better choices for the environment. And together, we can turn small daily shifts into big impact.


And now I’m asking you all to give the gift of sustainability to all of those people you give gifts to. This is how we make the necessary changes, and it starts with not giving gifts that aren’t really needed, wanted or are just harmful to our goal of saving the planet.


It starts with giving gifts that will help the planet, help your friends, family and loved ones save money, extend the life of their foods, add beauty to the homes while being sustainable! It’s a win-win-win!


It starts with me, and it starts with you.


Please, let us all start buying less, and when we do buy, make those purchases count for something helpful, meaningful and sustainable. Make your gift an actual blessing in more ways than one. As a new and struggling small business owner, every purchase counts and keeps me going on this most important mission. Please help by stopping in and consciously gifting sustainably this year and from now on. Together we can save the world! It’s the only way we can.


If you’d like to develop custom gift packages, please reach out to me by responding to this email, or giving me a call at 518-767-7505 and I will give great discounts on multiple purchases if arranged and invoiced out to you for easy payment by clicking a link in the email invoice.


Please share this email with your family, friends, coworkers, loved ones, neighbors, well, just everyone, please and thank you!


A Satisfied Customer!

Judy on Apr 21, 2020

I needed a mask quickly and I was so gratified with the care and attention I received to be sure that the masks arrived as soon as possible! Very impressive customer service!!!


Heidi on Jul 4, 2020

Hi Nancy! I really like the NEW sunflower cloth paper towel design and can't wait to use them in my kitchen.... The white tote bags are a must in today' COVID 19 society because they can be disinfected after every use by washing in white vinegar!  This cuts back on having to purchase paper or "plastic" disposable bags at the supermarket which saves a tree and cuts down on pollution and waste.  Thanks for the environmentally products that you offer at your website.  And, thanks for being an Earth friendly business owner! 

Sincerely, Heidi H.

Heidi H. via email

Great Alternative to Paper Towels

Jo Ann on Apr 23, 2020

I ordered the In Harmony Towels to help cut down on the amount of trash going into our landfills.

The towels are colorful, do a wonderful job, and wash beautifully.

I am making an effort to support the use of reusable products instead of one-time use products and the towels were the answer for replacement of paper towels.

The checkout was simple, and if you save your information, future checkouts are a breeze.

Product was shipped promptly and was what was presented on the website. I am very happy with my towels, and will continue Nancy in her vision to support a healthier world!

Jo Ann

New to Beeswax Products

Jo Ann on Apr 23, 2020

I was very interested in how to eliminate the use of plastic wrap and thought the Beeswax Wraps would be a great alternative.

Everything was promptly shipped and arrived as shown on the website.

Once I received them though, I realized, I might be in over my head on how to prepare the wraps, so I contacted Nancy. She was very helpful in educating me on the process.

I like these wraps so much, that I purchased a set for my sisters and my daughter, and we are going to do a Zoom Meeting on Mother's Day to prepare our wraps together!

Very excited to share my support of Nancy's vision in the support of a healthier Earth with my sisters!

Jo Ann

Great to meet you yesterday and I am so appreciative that you brought over the beautiful new masks! 


I had no problem putting the elastic ties on the masks - thanks for the handy dandy metal hook and great instructions. 


And thanks also for describing and demonstrating the way you wear your mask with your glasses on top. That really helped ensure that my glasses didn’t steam up while walking.


Husband chose the sparkling blue mask to wear first - it is truly a beauty.

Judy via email

Rebecca on May 7, 2020

Thank you so much for these masks. They are perfect for our family, especially nice to have the nose piece that adjusts as my husband wears glasses and he has a problem with fogging with other mask that he has.

I appreciate the skill that was put into making these. 

Thank you again. Be safe, be well. 

Rebecca via email

Our New Life

Jo Ann on Apr 23, 2020

Seems that wearing a mask while in public is going to become a necessity! I needed masks and ordered them online.

The masks were made and shipped quickly.

The workmanship is impeccable, and now I can dawn my beautiful masks while knowing that I am doing everything possible to protect my neighbors!

Love my masks!

Jo Ann

InHarmony Towels™

Ultimate Ruler (in my house) on Apr 21, 2020

As advertised, makes great napkins and a good replacement for paper towels.
InHarmony is helping make a healthier planet and we all should support the cause.

Ultimate Ruler (in my house)

Just wanted to say thanks again, Nancy. It is so wonderful to be able to rely on you for essentials during these challenging times. 

And I loved that you re-used the toilet paper wrapping to wrap the masks. So glad you walk the walk! 

Judy via email

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