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About Us

My Mission:

  • Help save our beautiful planet. It’s not too late and every action is meaningful.
  • Helping save our planet will require helping people understand their individual impact on the planet by asking you to stop for a minute and really consider the impact of your consumerism, everything you buy, for its entire life, and then ask yourself if it helps or hurts our planet. We all need to stop and consider this. The next part requires brutal honesty with ones self - Is it necessary? Quite often the answer is: No, it's a luxury item, that often times is very damaging to the planet, from manufacture to it's disposable but forever end of life in landfills. Sometimes the answer is: Yes, the item is necessary, and we need to change by seeking out and choosing sustainable and/or reusable  options for the products, however, often they are not readily available or easy to find. I want to introduce you to a specially selected variety of eco-friendly sustainable home products for every home so that together we can all make a significant and meaningful difference for the future of our planet.
  • Offer quality products that will convince people to change their thinking and their consumerism towards protecting our planet.
  • Offer information and helpful tips, including encouraging everyone to convert to solar energy that is now being offered to renters and home owners alike. There are many things that all of us can individually do to help. We must do them!
  • Share your joy as you witness your own decreased impact on our planet and keep more money in your pocket.
  • Woman Owned Small Business - I spent my life vowing that I would never own my own business, instead choosing a career in the engineering field. Now, 30 years later, I feel like I spent my life in a field that ultimately harms the earth more than it helps, and decided I will now spend the rest of my life doing everything I can to help our planet. Quality eco-friendly products should be readily available on every store shelf, yet they are not. Let me introduce you to my new mission, In Harmony Home Products LLC. My mission is to provide better, sustainable alternatives to be available to everyone who's looking for them, and all of your friends and families too!

There’s a ripple effect in caring.

One becomes ten, ten becomes ten thousand. Ten thousand becomes,
well, you get the picture.

The future depends on all of us.

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